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our factory

Eko Food is established in the town of Akhisar, in Turkey with Turkish investment. Akhisar is 90km away from Izmir which is the export gateway of Turkey.
Our Factory is specialised in the ecological production of oven semi-dried & sun dried tomatoes, vegetables, fruits and other olive and vegetable processing and packing. High-tech machinery allows the products to be produced without human touch, using automation processes in a closed hygienic environment for maximum safety. 
In addition to the numerous products we have to offer, the company also accepts customer specific products and  requirements, according to EU, US, Canadian and Australian health and quality standards. Quality management of the farming process is also controlled and managed by our own agricultural experts, in order to ensure that the highest standards are met and maintained. Microbiological, physical and chemical testing of raw material and final products are performed in house by Eko Lab, our own testing Laboratory.

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