Ekofood is meeting the growing trends for convenient yet healthy foods. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability to tailor products to our customer’s needs, in each sector: manufacturing, food service and retail. Our freshly prepared range of products are packed in our modern purpose built factory here in Turkey. Our broad range of innovative and careful processing and packing methods ensure that all natural flavours and textures remain at their very best, whilst increasing the shelf life of the products. 

We are committed to growing and choosing the best and freshest raw ingredients for all our recipes. Our fresh tomatoes are sourced from both our own farms and our strategic contracted growers, across multiple regions in Turkey. We supply our own seed and our agricultural engineers tend monitor our crops, to ensure our strict growing practices are met. This includes: careful and respectful management of the soil, the water and the environment, while monitoring the use of fertilizers & pesticides and microbe management, along with the quality parameters of texture, flavour and colour. 

We never use any raw materials that do not meet our extremely high standards of quality control. 

We strive at all times to be 100% safe and compliant. our customer’s expectations are high, so our facilities maintain a globally recognised food safety standards, We hold many certifications including BRC Grade A, ensuring only the highest standards are maintained. We have our own in house testing and monitoring lab, as well as an outside approved facility. We also offer remote access to production and regularly host auditors and welcome customer visits. 

We work closely with our customers to offer complete solutions with real added value from concept to production. Our ongoing investment in research and development further increases our ability to innovate.

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